EMS Japan

In Japan, Japan Post Service Co. Ltd. provides EMS services to customers across Japan. Established in 2007, Japan Post today has 13 regional offices, 1111 offices, 2538 distribution cells, 4 Distribution Centers, 1 International Mail Operation Center, and 1 Customer Support Contact Center.

The EMS Japan is an international mail service that can be used to send up to 30 kg of documents or any other items to 120 countries worldwide. The EMS Japan service is not only convenient and economical but is also secure and speedy. The EMS Japan also provides track and trace service for the parcels that you send across the globe.

When you mail your parcels through EMS Japan, they can be insured so that you can make claims in the event of a loss or damage. The actual loss or damage incurred on the item is paid by EMS Japan. Items that are below 20,000 yen do not require any insurance premiums to be paid. Those between 20,000 yen till 2 million yen require the customer to pay premiums of 50 yen per 20,000 yen.

EMS Japan provides EMS label printing services that ease that task of filling countless forms. If you are sending many packages to a single location, you no longer have to fill out the same forms again and again. With the EMS label service, you will have the labels whenever you need them for deliveries. The invoice is also enclosed with the label for the customs inspection in the receiving country.

You can even take advantage of the free packaging provided by EMS Japan according to the size and type of your package. EMS Japan also provides pick-up facilities to its customers for even one package on a single phone call. EMS Japan provides special consultation to corporate customers, right in their offices, on the most effective way to handle their international packages.

The EMS Japan services can be availed at economical rates and are dependent on the weight of the package and the destination to which it is sent. There are also discount services that are provided to frequent users of the EMS Japan service. Different discount rates are offered depending on the number of items sent in a month, the number of items sent a particular time, and the number of items sent in the past year.

EMS Japan is continuously being improved for providing quality and speedy services for international mail delivery to its clients. If certain items need to be delivered fast, you can use the EMS Speed Up option. The ‘Time Certain’ service ensures you package is delivered right on time the following day at the destination. Only limited countries are included in this list: Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China (Beijing/Shanghai).

The EMS Japan is a very reliable and dependable service that provides complete tracking of your package trail. Unlike other delivery companies, the EMS service of Japan Post provides a secure and safe delivery right on time, giving you the peace of mind.